Where can I get a copy of the updated USDA Recipes for Schools?

A: The USDA Recipes for Schools are available on the Web or to schools through their school districts.

How can I purchase resources from ICN?

A: ICN is going paperless. Printed materials and VHS tapes are no longer available. The resources are available on CD, DVD, or special bulk print orders. Any single resource ordered in quantity will be reproduced and distributed on a cost recovery basis. Call 800-321-3054 for quote information.

How do I join Team Nutrition?

A: Visit the Team Nutrition Web site and click on "Join the Team" on left side of page under "Browse by Subject." Follow the instructions on that page of how to submit your enrollment form.

How do I become a HealthierUS School Challenge school?

A: For more information on HealthierUS School Challenge visit the Team Nutrition Web site. Read more and find out how your school can participate here: http://teamnutrition.usda.gov/healthierUS/index.html. The Institute of Child Nutrition offers HUSSC training for school districts through their state agencies. Find out more about ICN's HUSSC training can help you on the Training Opportunities page.

Where can I find Spanish food safety materials?

A: ICN has available Food Safety Mini-Posters in Spanish, which can be downloaded from our website. To find other ICN resources that are available in Spanish, use the Advanced Search option in the Document Library and search by language.

You can also download Spanish food safety materials from federal government websites such as FoodSafety.gov.

Our school has several students with special nutrition needs, do you have any information to help educate me on this topic?

A: ICN has developed training resources called Handbook for Children with Special Food and Nutrition Needs and Meeting Children's Special Food and Nutrition Needs in Child Nutrition Programs.

Several special nutrition needs webinars have been archived on the ICN website. Some of these have been posted as online courses so you can receive credit for viewing them.

You can find a wealth of resources in the Special Nutrition Needs subject index. To find this list, click on the Document Library link at the top right side of the top banner, then select option 3. Subject Index from the main Document Library page.

How do I learn more about calculating meals per labor hour (MPLH)?

A: Evaluating productivity is important to the financial success of the school foodservice program. Knowing the rate of production in the school setting is essential in formulating budgets and determining labor needs. To learn more about calculating MPLH go to ICN Financial Management Information System Section 4 - Financial Analysis and Program Evaluation.

I am wondering if I can use 3 of the archive pictures in a display for our state School Nutrition Association annual conference?

A: The images must be used for educational, not-profit purposes. As with most "vintage" collections we have been unable to determine the copyright holder on some of our images. Others are public domain, such as the USDA photos we use, and still others we do hold copyright to. If you need further assistance please contact Child Nutrition Archives.

My Child Nutrition Program Assistants are arguing over time and effort, and just about everything else. It feels like they have forgotten the meaning of teamwork. What can I do to improve the situation?

A: ICN's 2009 BLT is on Building a Professional Team. It includes 6 short lessons that can be used in quick training sessions, but best of all it includes short training videos on teamwork and communication in the kitchen. Find the resource here or go to the www.theicn.org website to the Document Library main search page and use option no. 4 to scroll through the Education and Training Resources listed alphabetically by title; Building a Professional Team is close to the top. You can view the streaming video online or download the WMV file to your computer to watch whenever you want.

Where can I find clear job descriptions for my staff?

A: ICN has a research-based Job Description Template for CNP Director/Supervisor/Administrator, including the general functions and scope of responsibilities as described in the 14 functional areas for the District School Nutrition Director/Supervisor position.

The Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills for District-Level School Nutrition Professionals in the 21st Century online resource also includes a sample job description template. Find out more on the resource overview page here.

ICN's Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills of Effective School Nutrition Managers report includes a detailed list of competency, knowledge, and skill statements and a job description for a school nutrition manager. Get additional information on the resource overview page.

A Sample Job Description Template for School Nutrition Assistant/Technician is included in the resource Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills of Effective School Nutrition Assistants/Technicians. Find the online resource here.

Where can I find resources for the new MyPlate icon?

A:Go to USDA's http://MyPlate.gov for the latest news and information on the new MyPlate guide and resources.

Where can I find more information on food production records and sample forms?

A:ICN offers No Time to Train Short Lessons on the who, what, when, where, and why of production records, and we have an online course on Food Production Records in ICN's Online Course Catalog under "Child Nutrition" courses.

USDA Team Nutrition's resource Menu Planner for Healthy School Meals does include information on production records and sample forms. The discussion of production records is in Chapter 7 along with the blank sample forms. Here is the link to the complete resource: http://teamnutrition.usda.gov/Resources/menuplanner.html

Here is the direct link to Chapter 7: http://teamnutrition.usda.gov/Resources/menuplanner_chapter7.pdf