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 State Universities and Extension Services:

UMass Extension Nutrition and Health - information on healthful lifestyle behaviors such as eating nutritious food, handling food safely, being physically active, and having regular health screenings
Nutrition Education Library - 

Feeding Young Children in Group Settings. The University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences - provide a nurturing feeding environment for children, integrating nutrition, child development, food safety, and best practices in feeding young children. Free downloadable self-assessment.

Iowa State University Extension Service: Food and Nutrition -

Mississippi State University Early Childhood Institute - The Early Childhood Institute was established in 1999 to provide training, technical assistance, and applied research for improved quality and accessibility of early care and education across Mississippi. The ECI contributes to national research in rural early childhood education.     

 University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Extension, Lancaster County  -
Reducing the Size of Recipes - 

Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service Child Care Web site -