Produce Safety Resources


A series of resources on produce safety that describe best practices for receiving, storing, handling, and purchasing fresh and fresh-cut produce through videos, fact sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. ET106-11.

Produce Safety Videos

The Produce Lab Videos - Culinary Techniques

The Produce Lab Videos - Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS) 

The Produce Lab Videos - Quality and Condition

Produce Safety Fact Sheets

Produce Safety Presentations and Talking Points

Produce Safety University - Additional Resources



Conducting a Mock Recall of Produce in a School Nutrition Operation
This mock recall resource developed by the USDA provides instruction on how to practice conducting a school district-wide recall of fresh produce.
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Leafy Green Safe Handling Posters
Set of nine full-color, 11" x 17" posters, downloadable in a high resolution, print-ready pdf. Iowa State.
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Procuring Local Foods for Child Nutrition Programs
USDA Farm to School Procurement Guide.
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School Composting - A Manual for Connecticut Schools
This manual was developed by the state of Connecticut based on the experiences the composting program at Mansfield Middle School. The goal is to provide a model for initiating and implementing a school composting program.
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School Garden Scenarios - activity
Training activity poses two scenarios related to school gardens.
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